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Erectile Dysfunction
Active ingredient: Tadalafil

Forzest is one of the best erectile dysfunction drugs. Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Avanafil, Dapoxetine, and other active components provoke a hard and stable erection. Forzest contains 20 mg of Tadalafil that relaxes blood vessels. Thanks to that the blood can easily stream to the genitals and cause enough pressure to make the penis erect. The drug can be also used to treat other diseases like pulmonary hypertension and diabetes.

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Product description

Forzest is created for therapeutic application in cases of erectile dysfunction. Males suffer from this condition when their penis is unable to uptake enough blood and sufficiently harden for penetration. This drug specifically fixes the issue of a weak erectile response to sexual excitement and inability to sustain the erected state.

The medicine powers up the circulation in the pelvic area and is supposed to cure the ED condition completely, leaving the man in a satisfactory sexual shape and with an enhanced manhood. The male patient still requires appropriate sexual stimulation as the medication does not provide an aphrodisiac action.

Instructions for use

Forzest comes in tablets taken by mouth. Administer a single tablet approx. one hour before your planned sex. You should feel the onset of action in something of 30 minutes, after which the enhancement will stay for up to 36 full hours.

The drug enables you to maintain a healthy erection if accompanied by adequate arousal. Administration of Forzest coupled with a fat-rich meal prolongs the delay the medication takes to set into action.

This drug does not belong to a category of medicines that need to be taken strictly on schedule. You can ignore the risk to miss a dose – simply make up for it with another appropriate one the moment you remember. Do not double or anywise increase the drug amount taken.

Safety information

In very rare instances, male patients staying on PDE5 inhibitors complained about an abrupt decrease of vision or sudden blindness. There have not been enough studies to establish whether adverse events like this are associated directly with the ED medicines, to some other crucial factors such as diabetes or elevated blood pressure, or to both of the above. If you suffer from trouble with the eyes in connection to your ED treatment, discontinue your current ED course and do not postpone your visit to a physician.

Troubles with distinct hearing are also very rarely observed among users of PDE5 inhibiting pharmaceuticals. With the incidence of 10 per 100,000, tinnitus and accompanying dizziness were reported, mostly by elderly patients. To avoid unexpected side reactions, notify your primary care doctor of the history of your heart/liver/kidney conditions as well as of sing any herbal additives or over-the-counter remedies, including vitamin pills.

Side effects

The commonest of Forzest side effects occurring in approx. 2% of the patients are headaches, acid stomach, vertebral pain, myoneuralgia, congested nose, flushing, and tingling in the limbs. A certain percentage of people also experience indigestion or runny nose. These adverse effects generally vanish within a few hours. Vertebral pain and aching muscles are usually observed in 12-24 hours after administration of this medicine.

Contact your healthcare provider in case you have some especially vexing or unceasing side reactions. These include alterations in color vision and seeing things with a blue tinge to them or having difficulty discerning blue and green.

Uncommon and extra-painful side effects include an overly hard and persisting erection (priapism). Any erectile response to Forzest that hurts you or remain more than 4 hours should be attended by a medical expert most urgently. Untreated priapism could end with a deep structural damage in the penis’s tissues, resulting in a permanent sexual incapability.

Look for a complete list of the drug properties in the product’s leaflet.

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