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Pain Relief
Active ingredient: Imdur

Peripheral vasodilator with predominant effect on venous vessels. It is used for the prevention of angina in CHF, hypertension in the "small" circulation, "pulmonary" heart (treatment as a part of combination therapy), spasm of peripheral arteries (obliterating endarteritis, angiospastic retinitis)

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Imdur 40mg
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Imdur product description

Imdur is a medical preparation that impacts the cardiovascular system. The vasodilator used in cardiology. Organic nitrate. Isosorbide mononitrate is such an organic nitrate, the active component of which is used for the medical care of the patients with anginal status (prolonged angina pectoris), hypertension in the pulmonary (small) circle of the blood circulation (increased pressure in the vessels of the lungs). In acute left ventricular dysfunction, nitroglycerin has a more rapid and immediate effect. The impact on arterial vessels leads to a reduction in their systemic counteraction, facilitating the work of the heart. Simultaneous effect on pre- and post-loading leads to a decrease in oxygen consumption by the myocardium. Nitrates improve hemodynamics at rest and under load in patients with congestive heart failure. Due to the reduced oxygen demand and increased delivery, the area of the damaged myocardium is limited. Isosorbide mononitrate makes an impact on other organs and systems: relaxes the bronchial muscles, muscles of the gastrointestinal, biliary and urinary tracts. The effect of the drug manifests itself in 20 minutes and lasts for 8:00.

Imdur safety information

In case of an acute left ventricular dysfunction, nitroglycerin has a more rapid and immediate effect.

The very medical preparation is strictly banned to consume in cases of the next illnesses, such as arterial hypotension, collapse, shock; acute myocardial infarction with severe arterial hypotension; hemorrhagic stroke, craniocerebral trauma; glaucoma of a closed-angle type, hypersensitiveness to organic nitrates.

The use of Imdur by pregnant women and during breastfeeding is only assigned when the expected therapeutic effect for the pregnant increases the potential risk to the child.An increase in the hypotensive effect is possible in cases of a simultaneous intake with the agents-vasodilators, antidepressants of a tricyclic type, and also with alcohol consumption.

Imdur side effects

Neglecting the instruction on how to take the very medical remedy increases the possibility of occurrence of the adverse effects, such as a headache, dizziness, the orthostatic hypotension, convulsions, the reflex tachycardia, hyperthermia. When the pharmaceutical is taken in high dosages, it is possible to develop methemoglobinemia (cyanosis of the lips, nails, and palms, the sensation of pressure in the head, the general weakness, tachypnea). If there happens an overdose of the medication one should give the patient a horizontal position with raised lower limbs. If the blood pressure is not normalized, BCC correction is performed, in severe cases, dopamine and sympathomimetics are used. In general, the most frequent adverse reactions are the feeling of dizziness, a headache, tinnitus, facial skin hyperemia, tachycardia, decreased blood pressure, nausea; rarely vomiting.

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